A family friendly, web comic strip blog about the creatures who live in a city park.


Today, I saw a Ladybug or Ladybird for some of you. That is a sure sign that we can safely plant the garden and the flower beds.

The Ladybug I saw didn’t actually look like this drawing. This particular Ladybug was GENETICALLY MODIFIED by my son when he was five years old. I suppose he thought an ants head would enhance the looks of a Ladybug.


It was then and still remains my favorite Ladybug Art of all time!

By the way, does anyone really think Ladybugs look more like birds than bugs?

Comments on: "LADYBUGS" (6)

  1. Not unless some birds have 6 legs DeeDee lol. Anyway, your sons drawing is pretty good for a 5 yo 😀

    • The kid had a home-school mom who concentrated on Art, Reading and Math, in that order. I did teach him the other stuff too, in case you were wondering.

      • Nothing wrong with home schooling DeeDee my Mom taught me lots before I started school and I was way ahead of the other kids all the way through school. It gave me a great start in life 😀

      • Bragging!! My sons just tested for entrance into the National Guard. They both scored super high in every category. They were told they could have any job they wanted. 7 years of home-school, 2nd – 8th. Go – Home-school moms! We Rock!

  2. Linda S. said:

    Love this drawing, Anthony did a great job! Ladybugs were my favorite animal when I was growing up.

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