A family friendly, web comic strip blog about the creatures who live in a city park.

Contact the Author

I love to receive email. I am sometimes able to respond, but most of you would rather I write new comic strips rather than getting bogged down in my email.
Here is what will happen, when you send me an email: I have a trusted helper who sees it first, and the mail is sorted into folders:
1. Important, read right away: Your mail would end up in this file if you were a publisher wanting to print my books. Your mail would end up here if you are a blogger who wants to feature me, or a strip in your blog. Etc.
2. Warm Fuzzies: I read these a lot. They keep me writing. I go straight to this folder when I need encouragement to keep working. Even if I don’t respond to these, I need them.
3. Respond to these: Obviously, my sorter wants me to write to these readers.
4. Requests for art or drawing: I can’t send something to everyone who asks, but we keep a file and we occasionally randomly choose a reader to receive a piece that I want to give away. I will be doing formal giveaways when I have items in the store.
5. Miscellaneous: All the other stuff.
There are three types of mail that the sorter will delete, and I will never see. Spam and hate-mail get deleted right away. The third type, I regret, but it is necessary. If you send me ideas for new strips, I will never see them. They will be deleted. I like to keep my ideas my own. I don’t want to be in a position where I have forgotten to give someone credit for an idea. I would hate to read your idea, and then think about it six months later and think it’s my own idea. I’m better off if I just don’t see your ideas.
Thanks, DeeDee

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