A family friendly, web comic strip blog about the creatures who live in a city park.


I want you to share my work, and help me get the word out about this blog. Please use the Facebook, Twitter, etc. share buttons. If you like my work, please tell everyone you know about it, just follow the rules below! THANKS, DeeDee
The work on this blog is protected by the Creative Commons (CC) CC BY-NC-ND license which appears in the side-bar. This is a copyright, of sorts, that is recognized worldwide. It is not as strict as a standard copyright and does allow you to share my work if you follow the rules.

Never use any of my pieces to earn yourself a profit. Never claim the art to be your own.
You can pick-up an image from this blog and post it on your social media sites (Facebook, etc.) if you always give me credit and refer your readers back to this blog.

You can’t change the piece, in any way! You can’t delete my name or the name of the strip.
See the example below:

blog piece 101
This entire piece can be reproduced as shown.
If you would like to pick up just one frame from the middle of a long strip, you can if you give proper credit. You must refer to this blog, DominoParkComics.com or share the link. The credit must be written in large enough text for the average person to be able to read it.
I don’t mind if you reproduce a short strip in its entirety. The longer pieces should only show the beginning and then be referred back to this blog to “continue reading”. If you are a blogger and would like to repost an entire long piece, please get permission first. Include a link to your blog for my review.
For more information on the( CC) CC BY-NC-ND rules, click on the emblem in the side-bar.
My books are covered by a standard copyright and can’t be reproduced at all. The only exception is if I first feature an excerpt from a book in this blog. The sample above is from one of my books and can be reproduced because it appears on this blog. All of the markings must remain intact.

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  1. What a great web site!

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A family friendly, web comic strip blog about the creatures who live in a city park.